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Please visit my ETSY store :)

I have added a second painting to my ETSY store- you can visit it at  (I think- please forgive me if I have that wrong.  I find all these URLs somewhat confusing so bear with me as I learn.)  You can also find my work at  As always, I am tremendously grateful to be represented by the Leigh Gallery on Halsted, in Chicago.  Please visit- you won’t be disappointed.

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Thunder rolls

As I write this, thunder is rolling.  My thoughts go out to all the people have suffered loss in these waves of storms.

I selected this image because it speaks to me of the abundance of nature- may it heal us as we work to heal it.

The plant community here is complex, with the balance always shifting.  Our lives are like that, I think.


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Life After the BIG TREES

landscape painting of the Midwest
A great view over a river bluff near Peoria

As a child growing up along the Pacific coast, I developed a deep love for the natural world.  When my family moved me to the midwest, I wasn’t sure how to relate to my new world.  Slowly, my love for things like frogs and turtles merged with my love of color.  I learned to use acrylic paint to create vibrant landscape paintings in response to what I see and feel when I’m out in the field.