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Thunder rolls

As I write this, thunder is rolling.  My thoughts go out to all the people have suffered loss in these waves of storms.

I selected this image because it speaks to me of the abundance of nature- may it heal us as we work to heal it.

The plant community here is complex, with the balance always shifting.  Our lives are like that, I think.


4 thoughts on “Thunder rolls

  1. “Bog Abundance” is beautiful! I often compare people to plants – like plants we all need different growing conditions in order to thrive and flourish!

    1. Hi Barbara… Hope this gets to you- I’m not sure what I’m doing.. Thank you for your comment about my painting! I’m glad you like it. Yes, I agree with you completely- people are a lot like plants. Or at least, I am! I am happiest with my feet in water 🙂 Best wishes Melissa

      1. Hi Melissa! Your reply did get to me because I clicked the little box to be notified of any additional comments. I’m happiest in the shade at dawn, like soft moss on a stone. 🙂

      2. Hi Barbara,

        Oh, don’t you just love the look and feel of soft moss on stone? Lovely image of you…. I must be an arrowhead. Or pickerel weed. Wait- blue flag! 🙂

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