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My New Art Supplies?

A new adventure along the painting highway

favorite brushes atop sales fliers

A mail carrier once scolded me for calling fliers “junk mail”… I suppose from her perspective, there is no such thing.  To me, it is unwanted flotsam washing up on my shore headed directly to the recycle bin.  Lately, though, I’ve given more thought to what washes up.  Could it be that treasure comes near, waiting only to be noticed?  Does treasure appear at your feet?  Are we so focused on our planned mission that we miss entirely the people we meet, the birdsong., the treasure in the mailbox?

I don’t know but I have decided to find out.  For some time I have grown concerned at the rising cost of canvas and paint.  Yikes- another price increase?!  Meanwhile, I feel my painting wants to grow a little looser, come from somewhere deeper in my heart.  And so, this can be the launching point of a new chapter in my life.  I’ll gesso the paper; reuse, rather than recycle.  I’ll use water color paint, hopefully contributing less to the plague of plastic we all are flooding the oceans with.  And, since the materials are so unfamiliar, painting itself will become more tentative, more thoughtful.

I wish all of you joy as you explore the possibilities that come your way.

5 thoughts on “My New Art Supplies?

  1. I wish you the same! This post (actually, most of your posts) takes me back to when I was a kid. My mom used to cart my sister and me all over town in search of art supplies. Art supply stores held such magic for us. Don’t get me wrong; we got pretty bored a lot of the time, but to be surrounded by the ingredients of creation was mesmerizing. You make a good point, though: the ingredients are everywhere, not just at art stores. Some of them come in the mail. Some of them are “junk.” 🙂

    1. The picture of you and your sister in the art supply store made me chuckle… My kids tease me about being dragged into prairies and wetlands and, yes, art supply stores. Now my daughter quizzes me- “What’s the latin for this plant?” Ha!

  2. “Are we so focused on our planned mission that we miss entirely the people we meet, the birdsong., the treasure in the mailbox?”

    That’s such a good question, and I think that often times I do miss what’s right in front of me. It pays to slow down sometimes and take a good long look around, doesn’t it?

    It’s exciting to hear you talk about trying new things! Just the idea of feeling new stirrings inside yourself is exciting and oh, the possibilities! I can’t wait to see what happens…

    1. Thank you for your encouragement! Yes! New beginnings are so exciting….

  3. Also I’ve been meaning to subscribe, and that’s why I stopped by today. So…subscribing…right now…

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