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Blowing in the Wind

I don’t know about answers, but trees were certainly blowing in the wind a week ago.  There I was, idling in the cool morning, listening to my radio, when suddenly the DJ burst in with the words, “SEVERE STORM…” That was the last I heard from my radio for a week.  Suddenly wind was hurtling through the trees in the neighborhood, and the air was filled with the sharp cracks of large limbs and entire trees snapping off.  Wide-eyed I watched, transfixed by the sight of the glass of the window bowing in.  The whole thing was over in just 20 minutes.  Not a tornado- just wind.  Elsewhere there was rain, and elsewhere again they experienced thunder and lightening.  Here, just wind.  I ventured out to see my street entirely blocked by large downed trees.  Everywhere I looked trees were down.  By some miracle, very few homes were damaged.  I later learned that a man was struck by a limb, and died a day later.  I am sure there were other casualties- the urgent sound of sirens filled the air the whole day.  Within moments, neighbors were out in force.  Men walked up streets, carrying bow saws, and set to work.  In very short order, our street was clear, with trees and branches piled high along both sides of the street, the whole length.  It was moving to see everyone pitching in to clear away the mess.  However, it would be a week before our power was restored.  I heard there were over 800,000 households without power- that is huge!

I am very, very grateful to have a sound home, and to have my electricity back.  I am also very humble- I had a week to consider life in a refugee camp.  For us it was just an inconvenience.  What, we kept asking each other, if we didn’t have water, or a safe government, or….

4 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind

  1. Wow! You did have pictures…that’s amazing. I live in the country, so I’m the only house on the block so to speak. But I remember when we were sideswiped by a hurricane and there were trees down all over the property. Like you, I was so lucky that the house wasn’t hit. Unlike you, I never lost electricity (underground wires in the country). I hate to lose power for a few hours, much less the week.

    But it’s great that you were able to focus on the positive! You had water, you had food and shelter, you were alive to enjoy those things. Still, I’m glad you’re electricity is back!! That’s a big wind that can tear off a chunk of healthy limb like that.

    1. Thank you- me too!! That must be awesome, to have underground wires. No eyesores, and safer. Really, a hurricane? That must have been scary.

  2. I’m glad you were all right, what a frightening experience, with so little warning! Mother Nature has a way of helping us to appreciate what blessings we have from time to time.

    1. Thank you Barbara, You are right- it certainly was a reminder of the many things I take for granted! I came out of that with a lot of gratitude.


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