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Sustainable Initiatives

So, I was poking around in my computer and I found this post I wrote back in August!  Sorry for the delay!  At any rate, I still want to share with you what I found that day in my mail, so here is what I wrote way back when…..

My “Keep Growing” magazine from the Chicago Botanic Garden came today, and so I curled up with a cup of coffee to enjoy the pictures and drool over the program offerings.  One article was about something so great I had to share- the Garden has joined up with Kraft Foods to create a food garden.  ” This year, the Kraft Foods Garden is donating 14,000 pounds of locally grown fruits and vegetables to local shelters and agencies such as the Greater Chicago Food Depository…”  Awesome.  They go further, by creating jobs for kids who otherwise might be in trouble.

This article segued into another: “Corporate Roundtable setting future course”.  There is a growing trend in the corporate world to incorporate sustainability and environmental programs into their business strategy.  “Social responsibilities”…. can it be?  How great is that?!  The Botanic Garden is facilitating this in Chicago, bringing corporate leaders from such companies as ComEd, Baxter, Kraft, etc, together.  Here they are discussing topics from sustainability at the corporate level to helping the individual employee be aware of the impact their job has on the environment.  I am much encouraged because when huge corporations commit to the environment, success seems possible.

While I am highlighting the Botanic GardenI’d like to mention that I will be teaching there this fall.  Yup- “Acrylic Painting in the Studio” will be offered from October 24-November 21, Mondays 1-3pm in the Design Studio.  I have both taught at the Garden and taken classes, and it is always a wonderful experience.  I hope you will join me as I walk the class through the process of creating a painting.  I’m thinking I will use this one to demonstrate from:

3 thoughts on “Sustainable Initiatives

  1. I’m glad to hear that big business is starting to look at the environment and sustainability. To be honest, this is something I need to consider more on an individual basis – what can I do to reduce my footprint. I certainly need to recycle more and waste less.

    Have fun with your class, I’m sure you’re a great teacher. I love the painting, but I can’t imagine replicating that. I hope your students are advanced!

    1. You are kind- the last time I taught there the students were REALLY advanced- scared the wits out of me!!hahaha! I agree about trying to reduce our footprint. Sometimes I feel like I do something good in one area only to tread a little heavier in another. sigh. I love this community- we all encourage each other. What a gift!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    Thank you for reading my most recent post. I found this one of yours and wonder how this aspect of your learning and experience has progressed? I see corporate executives in my practice and think often on the intersection of leadership and health. We are all connected through everything we do, and our collective impact on the earth and one another cannot be overstated! It’s always nice to find others who consider these ideas on both the individual and societal level. Nice to meet you! 😊

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