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Being a volunteer has made it possible for me to be in some special places- the sort of trackless wilderness area I read and dream about on cold winter afternoons.  In my last post I mentioned that I am frequently up to my neck in foliage…sometimes I’m in way over my head!  Several years ago I was on a butterfly monitoring foray in a large preserve far to the south of here.  The grass and forbs were easily 6-8 ft tall, and the reserve is BIG.  Pretty great, really.  Anyway, the scientist leading the group is quite tall, with a daddy-long-legs stride.  I’ll never forget how in just two strides he utterly vanished from my view.  (Thanks, Ron, for coming back to rescue the shrimp!)
Just a few weeks ago I was out with another group.  This time we were collecting seed from a high quality area to disperse into an area that had been disturbed.  In this group most of us were short… so this is about what we had going on at eye-level;

I was tickled when one of the biologists said this was the time to play the Marco-Polo game.  I always did love that- how fun to play it while wandering around in a high quality tall-grass prairie.  We kept track of each other and collected lots of seed from several species of plants.  It was a good day.

Botanists at work

2 thoughts on “Marco….Polo?

  1. I’m short, too, so I think I would be kind of nervous about getting lost. Marco Polo was a fun solution for that.

    It’s great that you are volunteering your time and really putting energy and resources behind your beliefs.

    1. Haha! Yeah, I do get nervous if I’m not familiar with the site! It is great fun. I’m lucky to live where there is such an active group…if you are ever in the area give me a shout- I’ll take you to see my favorite haunts!

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