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In the Studio

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world.  That makes it hard to plan the day.” -E.B. White

Exactly…. luckily, we’re now in for a string of blustery rainy cold days, so it is into the studio with me.

welcome to my little corner of chaos

Things don’t always go smoothly in here.  In fact, I am experiencing what I hope will turn out to be growing pains.  Time will tell.  In the mean time, I paint, scrape off, paint again.  Now is the time I look forward to all season.  I have been out in the field since March or so, either doing restoration work or simply absorbing impressions I will later try to translate onto canvas to share.  I have also been taking photos- lots and lots of photos.  Now I sift through stacks of images, letting my mind drift.  Maybe if I….

And so a beginning.  This was a second beginning, actually.  The first attempt got painted out late one night after some frustrated hours.  I am making myself forget the photos and trust what wants to come up from within.  This is a scary prospect.  Not that I ever copied my photos- they have been useful reference points that I usually have nearby .  You know, to check my facts.  Lately though I have felt that they were becoming a crutch and I was becoming more a parrot than an artist.  So, out with the photos and some heartfelt hours at the easel, just me and the paint.

And here is the finished painting.  When I read about artists being genius’s, and think of some examples, I sigh.  Still, this is what comes burbling out of my heart.  I hope it resonates with you.

4 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. Oh Melissa, I love it! I would buy that – and I’m not much of an art-buying kind of girl.

    My non-artist, outsider’s opinion is that you use what you’ve got, that the photos are not a crutch. That said, I do believe that we can suppress what is inside more easily if we have that reference material to rely on. It is a vulnerable thing to let ourselves go and let our creativity out of the bag. What if it’s rejected and it was all us? But usually it’s great.

    1. Thank you! That’s high praise :). I really appreciate your words of encouragement! I’m rooting for you in your house-buying journey.

  2. It’s a gorgeous painting! I love the shades of blue and the contrast with the golden brown grass and rusty red leaves… It’s so interesting to read about what goes through your mind as you go about creating your art.

  3. lovely 🙂

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