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Interconnectedness….is that a word?

  Earth and Ocean seem 

  to sleep in one another’s 

  arms and dream 

  Of waves, flowers,

  clouds, woods, rocks,

  and all that we

  Read in their smiles

  and call reality.   -Percy Bysshe Shelley

This is my daughter’s senior year in high school, and we are exploring a subject I am calling “Earth Systems”.  This means that we are reading books about the interwoven nature of, well, nature.  We take gleeful side forays into geology, ecology, sociology and even economics as they relate.

Yesterday we visited the Chicago Botanic Garden to enjoy the three greenhouses they have, each highlighting a different ecosystem.  You get to visit the jungle, the desert, and return to the temperate zone all in the space of an afternoon.  Outside the wind howled and temperatures plunged…that is connected too, of course, but for the afternoon we were content to stand amazed before wildly shaped leaves and inhale heavenly scented blooms.  My friend Doug Taron has some wonderful shots from a trip he recently took in the desert-  I hope I memorized that correctly- it is well worth the visit to his site!

One thought on “Interconnectedness….is that a word?

  1. I think that is a word. If it’s not, it should be!

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