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Inspiration Everywhere…Joy to Follow

My room has become an art gallery by accident. Over time, “This is my favorite I can’t sell it ever!” paintings have landed in here, liberally seasoned with masterpieces from my kids.  Now grown, sadly, and not as likely to paint, sculpt, decorate…. but that is ok.

One day I was gazing around and was surprised to notice no two of my paintings really resembled each other.  UH-OH!  You are SUPPOSED to create a unified body of art.  What have I been doing?  A horse here, a woodland there, an abstract over there (that one was really fun to do).  I even dragged my daughter in here to get her thoughts.  We hashed it over, what her favorites were and why.  This was invaluable because she matched my Etsy store stats perfectly, without meaning to.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking this over for awhile now and I have realized what the thread is: joy.  This isn’t a popular thing to talk about in the Art Establishment.  But then again, I’ve never been a real member anyway.  So, This is what I have to share with you- whatever you do, find what brings you joy.

I’ll be pursuing a more coherent body of work, going forward.  And now I know what the guiding light will be: that which makes my heart skip around.  That which lets me feel like I’m in conversation with my Creator.  I suspect the particular voice will sort itself out with time.


May your day be filled with joy, and may your pursuits fill you with contentment.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration Everywhere…Joy to Follow

  1. I think you’re so right, and I’ve actually been thinking along the same lines myself here recently. We only have this one life, this short time to be here. Why not make it as joyful as possible?

    1. Exactly! Here’s to joy, may it bubble up inside you!


  2. You’re obviously very talented! Cheers to inspiration!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog. Cheers indeed to inspiration!


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