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Blue is an interesting color, isn’t it?  In some cultures it is sacred; yet, when we are feeling down we say we are blue.  I’m not sure why, really.  When I look at blue I feel cheered…even when I am, well, blue.

I’ve been working on clearing out and revitalizing a basement room to use for my studio.  All sorts of happy thoughts have been dancing in my head about color, texture, sound, to give me the working environment I crave.  However, the floor is gross.  Previous owners glued ugly carpet to the concrete floor.  I’m not interested in using the chemicals it would take to remove that gunk, so first I tried self-adhesive tiles.  well, after pulling up the ugly carpet.  They did not work.  Some stuck, alright, but their adhesive oozed around their edges.  Ick.  Others never stuck.  What a mess.  Well, I thought, I’m an artist.  What’s wrong with putting down paint?  Paint can cover any number of sins, why not glue?  So I’ve been pulling up tiles…and I got SICK.  I’m not sure, but I think it is at least partly a reaction to the adhesives.  yuck.   My left eye swelled shut and everything hurts.  Now I’m afraid to go down there…sigh.

All of this has really led me to think seriously about the materials in our homes.  It is all rather overwhelming, to tell you the truth.  I think I’ll take a nap now.