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A Shift in Perception


My life is changing lately, and I’m excited to see where my journey will take me next.  Well, of course, our lives are always changing.  But now I’m learning to do it on purpose, and to conspire with the Universe.  It is much more fun.

As I know many of you have also found, inspiration comes from all over the place when you look for it.  One  of these for me was a book my eye fell on at a checkout…an impulse purchase! 🙂  It isn’t the deepest book I’ve ever read, but there are little gems buried in there.  Like this one: “At any given moment, you have the power to begin your next adventure.” -Christine Mason Miller.   Well, I’m a little embarrassed to put that  one in because it seems so obvious, sitting there in black and white.  But I’ve been stuck for a long time and this little line jumped off the page and smacked me right in the forehead.

And here’s another: “You never know when, just by being yourself, you’ll be someone else’s gift.” – Kate Swoboda

Boy, I hope that is true.  Many people have been gifts to me, and I’ve been wanting to grow into the person who might be a gift to others and not just a kid who sits in her studio making paintings or dreaming out in the field, soaking up impressions.


As an artist, I’m usually pretty confident.  As an entrepreneur, not so much.  And this has led me to one of my big insights.  I am learning to open my mind and notice what is right in front of me. Instead of, say, what I want or expect to be there and them am frustrated when it isn’t.  If it happens to be something that appears “bad”, I can ask it questions and learn more from it than from all the “good” things in the world.  When I come to see what appear to be undesirable events or conditions as the gifts they actually are, it is then that I truly feel the love the Universe has for me.  I am deeply moved that the Creator of all things cares enough about me to send me lessons crafted in such a way to catch my attention.  Sometimes what appears to be a barrier is really a sign post.

And so, with a humbled and lightened heart, it is back into the studio with me, to work on my next painting and to craft my new life as an Expressive Arts Facilitator and Guide.

7 thoughts on “A Shift in Perception

  1. A perfect post! Your first shot…wow, that’s a beautiful piece!

    1. Hey, thank you!


  2. I love both of the quotes. Maybe it seems obvious, but sometimes the obvious is so easily missed. Sounds like exciting new changes are headed your way!

  3. What a wonderful post, and so inspirational to me. I know just what you mean when you say you’re learning to do it on purpose. I don’t know what took me so long to do that myself! I agree with Angela about the quotes, too. I’m so glad things are going well for you! I think you already are a gift to others.

    1. Your kind words mean so much to me! I have had the sense that you have also been doing it on purpose, and you’ve been inspiring me. I love the way the internet truly lets people connect and lift each other up.


  4. Hi Melissa! Congratulations to you for having the courage to make changes and craft a new life. I especially love the 2nd quote and I think Stepping Stones is right. You already are a gift to others just doing what you are doing. Kudos to you, Melissa.

  5. This is an old story… that people look far and wide to understand this world we live in… and usually, once they find enlightenment, they return hom… not because that is the only place… but because enlightenment can be found everywhere. I have lived all my life, connected to the art world. And I’ve known many artists who found it hard to deal with business. I wish you much luck.

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