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The Way Forward


Good morning, and Happy New Year!

I chose this painting today for two reasons.  It depicts some gorgeous boulders I found one day.  They must have been tossed there by the long-ago glacier, but the way they are arranged in a circle reminded me of wise old elders sitting in a sacred circle, worshipping God.  And, the background is atmospheric, mysterious, murky even.  Like the future, really.

My family has been talking about guns lately.  A branch of my family are staunch hunters and defenders of guns.  Me, I waver between treasuring freedom  (and venison!) and feeling that, perhaps, guns represent anarchy more than they do freedom.  And that was before the young man went into a grade school and opened fire…

Here’s what I believe: I think people want guns (and prognostication for that matter)  because they are afraid.  They want to know they’ll be safe, and perhaps for some, having a gun also means having their way.

Centering our lives on our walk with our Divine Creator, though, will give us enough light to see where we are right now, and where our next step should be.  We can’t hear that Voice when we are racing around doing stuff, as Americans are so fond of doing.

Turning to guns and future-tellers won’t protect us.  We cannot see into the future; but then, we don’t need to.

What is given to us is the Light to see where we are this present moment.  I believe that if we keep ourselves centered there, where the Light is, our decisions as individuals and then as nations will be ….er, enlightened!  I don’t mean to be flippant, nor do I mean to be preachy.

I pray for a peaceful year for each of you.

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“Reality is nothing but a collective hunch” ~ Lily Tomlin

I just came across this quote, and loved it.  It seems I spent a good part of my life so far trying to “get it”….then, one day, I sat back with a smile.  What a relief to discover there isn’t anything to “get”.  We are already all that we need to be.  Whatever we need is lurking somewhere inside us, waiting to be discovered and put to use.  I recently read that we are made of stardust.  Isn’t that a magical thought?  Just think of it…stardust, just waiting to sparkle.

All we need to do is speak and act from our own, authentic truth and it will be that which is needed in the world.


Happy sparkling!