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I Came across a new magazine I thought looked interesting: “Where Women Create Business”.

In one of the articles the reader is encouraged to know the ‘why’ of what they are doing.  “Why?” I thought to myself.  Well, because…. um…

The thing is, creating for me is like a volcano.  Images just bubble up, more than I can possibly keep up with.  I just go with the flow and enjoy the process.  It is wordless, this inner volcano, so putting into words the why of it is surprisingly difficult.

All of this did get me to thinking about the question though.  I remember a long time ago some authority figure (my mother?  a teacher?) telling me to stop asking “why”, that it was unanswerable and the wrong question anyway.   Now, my daughter has started asking the question frequently.  After a brief moment of irritation, I realize what a great thing this is.  It means she is tuning in, and wanting to make sense of the world that she is now perceiving.  She has come a long way.

And anyway, aren’t we all really wanting to know the answer to that question?

5 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. Such a great post. My son used to drive me crazy on the way to school when he was in kindergarten, asking me why airplanes didn’t fall from the sky, or why the sun was there. “Why” and “how” are words we should always nourish, the same as your creative urge that is “like a volcano.”

    1. I agree~just think of all the inventors busily asking those questions.

  2. I rather like the vision I conjure to mind when I think of the volcano. I totally get that. And I mostly don’t question. This reminds me to step back, pause and bring the inner child out more often and ask why? Nice bench, I could sit there for a spell.

    1. Yes, don’t you wish we could grab some coffee and sit in the sun on that bench and talk art together? that would be lovely.


  3. Great post and great question! I find a lot of whys hard to answer, and some just have no answer. But it’s good to ask and wonder about things – it’s good sometimes to explore the topic, even if you’ll never know why.

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