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Spring Bluff Marsh


I don’t have much to say today except I wanted to share this painting with you… I just finished it!  When I began the painting I had been reading about Pyle and the Wyeths, and was inspired by the drama they infused into their paintings.

While it is summer in my studio it is snowy outside, but this morning black-capped chickadees graced my garden fence.  Mud is in our future here, I can just feel it.  Soon it will be time to be checking in with the butterflies I monitor and return to seeking rare plants to draw.  I got rejected for an artist position yesterday but somehow getting back up does feel better than staying knocked down.

I know we all must have setbacks….although I’m tempted to ask, “Why???”… but I am reminded of a lovely phrase from a story my daughter and I read: “Blessed be the One who carries us day to day.”

6 thoughts on “Spring Bluff Marsh

  1. Aww, it just means something better is around the corner. Beautiful painting!

    1. Thanks Angela! You’re right, I know you’re right. *sigh


  2. Chin up, we all have faced that rejection. I’ve got the mud too as the snow is melting and rain has set in. The painting is lovely. You were meant to do something else at the time of that position. I saw a butterfly in my garden over the weekend, I felt sure it was a sign of something good. Hugs

    1. Thanks for the hugs and good thoughts! I feel sure that you are right, that something is good is coming. Like butterflies!


  3. I’m sorry to hear that, but glad you’re not letting it keep you down. I agree with Angela, and I always think that there is a reason – something better, or this wouldn’t be as great as it seemed. Or maybe that particular spot was just meant for someone else all along, who knows?

    1. You are absolutely right. Years ago I applied for a position as a field ecologist. I didn’t get it, but when I got to know the woman who did, it was so obvious that she and that position were made for each other and she has gone on to be a real asset to the forest preserve district. And a friend!


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