Dead River Roses


Here are some summer roses, fresh off the easel!  I don’t know about all of you, but I needed a reminder that the earth can do something besides hard, cold and grey.

Although this river is called the “Dead River”, it is anything but.  It arises in the heart of a sedge meadow that I am pretty sure is a glimpse of heaven, and flows gently toward Lake Michigan.  So slowly, in fact, it seems more like a long pond than a river.  Much of the time it is blocked by a sandbar which I believe is the reason for its name; it arises and ends right there in the park…except for when it doesn’t.  In those exciting moments when it blows out the sandbar, WATCH OUT!  It surges out into the lake, forming a standing wave of tremendous power.  People have been swept far out into the lake.  So, sort of a sleeping dragon, is my favorite river.

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6 thoughts on “Dead River Roses”

  1. Spring has been something of a sleeping dragon this year in Austin, too, where we’ve had close to record cold some nights. But soon people will be complaining about the heat, so enjoy the cool while you have it.

  2. Hi there, RidicuRyder,
    Thanks for stopping by. I am so pleased that you like my work. To clarify, this is the Dead River that runs(sometimes) through Illinois Beach State Park. Are you from Nebraska? Of all the places I’ve been, I don’t think I’ve ever been to Nebraska.
    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts.

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