I wanted to share this wonderful dog with you because she represents a big life lesson for me.  Like most people, I expect, I found myself doing a lot of things I really hated.  Too much of a “pleaser”, I could not say no to requests to paint signs for businesses or toy trains for children’s walls.  Too unsure of myself as a professional, I figured I had to say yes to every request. One day it occurred to me that if I (gulp) said “no, I’m sorry” instead, I would be spending a lot less time doing things I really didn’t enjoy.  It was a scary thought, but it meant that I would have more time to do the things I wanted to be doing.

Well, here is where Sandy the fabulous yellow lab comes in.  I formally said to myself and the Universe, “no more signs, no more illustrations that pull me away from my true calling…..but I sure wish I could paint dog portraits.  I love dogs.  and gardens.”  Almost immediately, the manager of a local golf club approached me to hang several of my paintings in the clubhouse.  I was very excited~ what a great opportunity!  And THEN, the day I brought them to hang, he took me aside and asked me whether I would consider painting a portrait of his dog for his wife’s birthday.  Wow!  Don’t you just love it when things like that happen?

This has taught me that a very good path to joy is to be clear with yourself about what you want, and about what you definitely don’t want.  Give yourself permission to say “no”~ good things will flow into the space you have created.

I hope lots of good things flow into your life, too.

And don’t forget, if you want a painting of your dog (or garden), I’m your girl!

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