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Gurgle gurgle…


Golden Alexanders

There may not be any new paintings for awhile.  This morning, much earlier than I am accustomed to, I awoke to an odd gurgling sound.  With drips and splashes as accompaniment.  Hmmm.  Thinking I’d better see what that was all about I headed for the basement and, “oh nooooo”.  Like thousands of others today, I awoke to find my basement awash in flood water.  Well, no.  We were lucky.  Our’s was rain water, 4″ of it.  But we saw video of people facing many feet of dirty water swirling up their basement stairs.  A sink hole in Chicago  swallowed 2 cars and a pickup.  And this was just days after the tragedy in Boston.  I also read about a factory that blew up in Texas today.  whew.

So I’m sitting here thinking about all of that.  How fragile is the veneer of civilization that we rely on, and how quickly it can be torn away.  This morning (On my way to Panera for badly needed coffee and chocolate, after hours of bailing water) I heard parts of the memorial service held in Boston today.  It was deeply moving to hear the perspectives of Jewish, Muslim and Christian people speaking from their hearts and offering prayers.  In different ways, they were saying that  we must find the courage to keep loving, refuse to let bitterness and fear into our hearts and thoughts.  I particularly liked what one said; that our loving Creator allows brief blasts of darkness into our world, not to hurt us but to strengthen us.  How many times have you seen it, people rising to the occasion to help others when dreadful things happen?  Like a plant that must face wind to be strong and to become what it is meant to be, he was suggesting that we as people and as communities need that dark thread running through the beautiful pattern that goodness weaves.  I’m not putting it nearly as well as he did, but I hope I am conveying what I think he meant.  He said that not only can the darkness never extinguish the Light, in trying to do so, it can only strengthen it.

And so tonight I am sitting here in my snug room pondering what all happened today and recently.  Knowing I am fortunate to have my warm bed waiting for me, knowing I could lose it and everything else in a moment, and hoping I will have the courage to hold my heart open and soft, and to be of service to others when the need arises.

This is how we can keep weaving the beautiful tapestry of Light.


To end on a hopeful note, here is a very rare lady indeed, preparing to lay her eggs.  Life, and love, will always find a way.


8 thoughts on “Gurgle gurgle…

  1. Very nicely said. Wishing you drying conditions soon. I’m sure there is a beautiful painting waiting to come out of all this from your heart and hand.

    1. Thank you for the dry wishes, and what a kind thing to say. I hope you are right!

  2. Oh no! Hope your basement dries out soon. It was a very sad week for our country. Things will get better because, as you say, “life, and love, will always find a way.”

    1. I agree. It felt like our whole country got a whollop.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your basement! But like you said, it could be worse and you still have so much.

    And I think you conveyed the messages very well.

  4. Thank you Michelle! And speaking of having so much, we’re finding that out as we move stuff out of the basement so it can dry! Haha! I didn’t realize how much of life’s blessings we had accumulated!

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your ordeal. It occurs to me that the bolt in the turtle’s shell could serve as a symbol for the repairing of broken things.

  6. Thank you Steve. That is beautiful, the monitoring thingy as a symbol of healing. I really like that. She seems to be smiling, doesn’t she?

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