Ephemeral Spring




I adore spring, and this has been a doozy.  Cold temperatures are keeping the blooms a little longer, but they are also holding things back.  This has its advantages, because once things get going, it is hard to keep up!

I just finished this portrait of Tradescans ohioensis, a native wildflower that holds a special place in my heart.  As I look at it, I find I feel just a little melancholy.  I think that is because in my effort to capture a moment, I inadvertently  also captured the fleeting nature of that moment.  Timeless but brief, all at the same time.  Maybe it is the fact that I turn 50 tomorrow.  I don’t mind turning 50, but I do notice that my view of life has changed dramatically.

Cheers, and I hope you get to go out and enjoy some wildflowers!






Sacred Circle


I don’t know about you, but I seem to draw my life lessons from the oddest places.  Lately I’ve been absorbed by Cesar Milan and his show “The Dog Whisperer”.  He will say that we get the dog we need, and very often his mission isn’t so much about fixing the dog in question but in helping the owner to see how her life is out of balance.  He points out that if a dog is out of balance, the other dogs will quickly respond accordingly.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  I got to thinking how this really applies to everything.  The energy you bring to any encounter can definitely affect the outcome.

One of the things I chew on in quiet moments is religious fanaticism and simmering frictions and violence around the world.  Suddenly it hit me…could it be that we here in America are out of balance, and the Universe is holding up a mirror to show us that?  When you think of the America of the 40’s and 50’s, weren’t we about quality, home-grown products, good manners, baseball and apple pie?

Now, if you watch the Shark Tank for instance, you will learn that only one thing matters: money.  Not even just that, but money NOW, and damn the consequences.  I just read an article about one of my erstwhile heroes, Warren Buffett.  I have always admired him because while he is wildly successful at making money, he gives an enormous amount of it away.  He still lives in his $30,000 house- my kind of guy.  Now, however, he has decided to open up an enormous coal strip-mine in Montana and ship the coal to China.  To do this, he will need to expand his rail line right through the middle of a neighbor’s cattle ranch.  If the ranchers refuse, he can (and probably will) use eminent domain to take the land!

Then let’s consider our entertainment industry.  What happened to limits?  What is it not ok to say and show?  Remember the old movies, when so much emotion or excitement could be expressed without actually revealing all?  Now billboards are explicit, books are obscene… It’s enough to make me want to retreat to a mountain top and sit in lotus position saying “OM” for the rest of my days…  except my knees would never allow it!

Violence is not ok.  Not ever.  But maybe there is something to this “Ugly American” thing I hear about.  Maybe the excesses we indulge in as a nation are drawing the wrath of the Universe.  Oh, yes.  We are free.  But I think that in our insistence on our freedoms, we have somehow lost track of what the American Way of Life is truly about.

We are a powerful nation~ leaders.  There are countries that want to be us (envy) and there are countries that despise us for what we have become.  Having a leadership role comes with responsibility.  Isn’t it possible that  if we try to recapture our old dignity and civility and values, maybe the extremists out there might soften their demeanor?   Seems to me it beats slinging bombs at each other.  Of course it isn’t that simple.  Or, is it?



When we moved into our little Cape Cod some 18 years ago, this magnolia was really struggling.  It was surrounded by silver maples previous owners had allowed to grow (UGH) and was languishing under their shade and rapacious thirst.  We cut them down but it seemed to be too late.  It continued to fail until finally I agreed to cut it down.  BUT THEN…


It started sending up new shoots!


What a glorious sight from my window.

Finally, here is another shot at the image I wanted to share last time.  This time I took a photo of the image  and then loaded it into my computer, instead of scanning it.  Honestly~ is technology helping or hindering?!  Please let me know what you think.  Would you like to see more of these?