When we moved into our little Cape Cod some 18 years ago, this magnolia was really struggling.  It was surrounded by silver maples previous owners had allowed to grow (UGH) and was languishing under their shade and rapacious thirst.  We cut them down but it seemed to be too late.  It continued to fail until finally I agreed to cut it down.  BUT THEN…


It started sending up new shoots!


What a glorious sight from my window.

Finally, here is another shot at the image I wanted to share last time.  This time I took a photo of the image  and then loaded it into my computer, instead of scanning it.  Honestly~ is technology helping or hindering?!  Please let me know what you think.  Would you like to see more of these?


12 thoughts on “Renewal”

  1. The photos are beautiful, but then so are your paintings. I think it might be nice to see a photo here and there, but not if it limits the painting, which I think gives the blog its personality.

  2. Magnolias are beautiful. It’s too bad the blooms don’t last longer.

    I didn’t fully understand what you were talking about with the print. It’s a painting with a pen drawing behind it? I am art illiterate, for sure!

    1. Oh I know… I always remind myself that the blooms won’t last, so I pause to drink them in whenever I pass that window!
      The print I have created is just that~ a blend of a painting with a drawing done in pen and ink, with inspirational (I hope) words. Trouble is, it never seems to match what I am imagining.

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