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Ephemeral Spring



I adore spring, and this has been a doozy.  Cold temperatures are keeping the blooms a little longer, but they are also holding things back.  This has its advantages, because once things get going, it is hard to keep up!

I just finished this portrait of Tradescans ohioensis, a native wildflower that holds a special place in my heart.  As I look at it, I find I feel just a little melancholy.  I think that is because in my effort to capture a moment, I inadvertently  also captured the fleeting nature of that moment.  Timeless but brief, all at the same time.  Maybe it is the fact that I turn 50 tomorrow.  I don’t mind turning 50, but I do notice that my view of life has changed dramatically.

Cheers, and I hope you get to go out and enjoy some wildflowers!






8 thoughts on “Ephemeral Spring

  1. wish you a wonderful birthday, life just starts now!
    nice atmosphere captured in this work

    1. Katleen, I sure appreciate your well wishes! Sometimes I wonder whether it is too late for all the things I’d hoped to accomplish; it took me so long to realize my right path! You make me feel that it isn’t too late after all. Thank you! Also, I just love the emotions you can evoke in your paintings. They are wonderful.


  2. Happy Birthday! And happy Mother’s Day. I think the painting is lovely, and I think all of your flower paintings are lovely. Perhaps this one feels a little melancholy because of the blue tones? I do wish flowers lasted longer, but we wouldn’t appreciate them as much if they did.

    1. Thank you Michelle!

  3. Happy birthday and welcome to the club. I hope your day is full of love and happiness. I can’t wait to receive my piece of art from you. xok

    1. Thank you Kim! xoxo!

  4. Happy birthday, and congrats on turning 50! You have a better attitude about reaching the half century mark than I did! Lovely painting, as always.

  5. Thanks Angela!
    Oh, I dunno about the good attitude; I’m not sure it’s hit me yet!

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