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Companion Pieces


It took me forever to get this painting the way I wanted it.  Finally it occurred to me that painting the trunk in shades of lavender would make the landscape beyond pop, and now I’m happy.  As you can see it wears a little frame, a “floater”.  Love those.


Just put the finishing touches on these little guys.  Unless, of course, in the middle of the night it seems I need to change them.  again.  

My studio has been a crazy place lately, with another dog commission (YAY!) and those goldfinches I promised you and…. somehow it seemed more approachable to work on something little.  

I’ve been reading “Tales From the Art Crypt” which is an interesting read about the art world.  The author believes that artists are only relevant and seeking the edge when they are hungry.  Au Contraire, Mr. Moneybags.  I dream of going out there, to the edge, sometimes.  It can be hard to pay the bills from the edge, though, so I’ll leave that to another day.  In the mean time I am happy painting my happy little paintings.

4 thoughts on “Companion Pieces

  1. So beautiful, Melissa, as always!

    1. Thanks Angela!


  2. Love them, your colors always feel like a dreamy dream.

  3. Thank you Kim 🙂 Later I realized I didn’t say much about them, or where they are painted from. They both represent great matriarch oaks that were saved from being in a housing development. Hooray for preservation!

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