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Gifts from the Summer


Before I tell you about this cool plant, I want to share with you two exciting blogs I just came across: projectlighttolife, and volunteeringabroad.  These two really are shining light into the world, and I hope you all get a chance to visit their sites and be inspired.  Stumbling across them really did feel like I’d been given a gift.

My drawing is of a Poke Milkweed, and it is a symbol of another gift I received this summer.  You see, when my family first moved here I was young(ish), had just left one wonderful circle of friends, and quickly found another.  I thought that was how life was…but then the economy began to intervene, and one friend after another lost their post to downsizing and left.  to California.   We kept in touch for awhile but it drizzled out as lives diverged.  Suddenly I found myself in a desert~ nobody to share excitement over a butterfly siting, or a new trail or a bag of trail mix.  I began to feel old, and kind of like a leftover that was no longer needed.  And then, this summer, things changed again.  I plodded into yet another stewardship meeting, alone.  But another steward said something about an art exhibit she wanted to go to, and would I like to join her.  And just like that, I have a new friend.  I have been needing more time for me business, and so I’ve handed over my site to another volunteer, and given up butterfly monitoring again.  But my new friend has been willing to take me out to her site.  How good to be out in the field with someone to share the experience again!

We’ve been busy monitoring rare species and pulling exotics and visiting art exhibits.  Life is good.  And there, at her site, was this cool milkweed!  I love how the flowerets look like a fireworks explosion.

Things are blooming in the studio again, too.  Here is one of my latest:


Bottle Gentians are such a lovely surprise at the very end of summer, with their astonishing blue color.  I just love them.

I hope the summer is bringing lots of gifts to you, too!

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  1. Love the new painting, and I’m so glad you shared your Etsy site. I had no idea!

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