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My family has been on a movie kick lately, and we brought home that one about fracking.   Now what is the name of that one….?  Anyhow, I didn’t get very far into it because it was coming home to me how bad this is, how big the companies involved are and the tactics they employ to “persuade” communities.  I felt sick and had to retreat to my room for a bit.

Here’s what I decided, while drying my tears.  I am going to crank up my compassion for people and the world.  There will always be those who seek power and profit at the cost of everyone else, and there will always be those who rise up to stop them.  But I felt my heart calling me in a tangential direction…to confront the whole catastrophe with love.  Maybe if there is enough of that around the ones who endlessly seek profit at any cost will cease to feel that need.  And then there are the marketers, convincing us that we need stuff.  More stuff, cheap stuff, plastic stuff.  With plastic bags around it.  Which of course the Plastic Industry needs us to believe.  Which leads us back to fracking, because that is where the raw materials for plastic comes from.  Round and round we go…

I’ve read somewhere that while we think of ourselves as a democracy we are really a capitalist country.  I believe capitalism is good, and I’m all for smaller government.  But the one thing I expect my government to do, and which it has failed to do, is to protect the citizens from industries and corporations that get too powerful.  ” Too big to fail”?  That is a scary concept.  I believe industry needs reins and a good bit.  It is folly to think that any industry will choose to rein itself in for the good of the planet or people.

However there is another level to consider, and that is the one I’m reaching for.  The one that lets you see, really see, people.  At the end of the day, every one of us is here to learn something, and to grow.  Making mistakes is part of that process, of course.  Ask any parent.

As if to drive home the point to me, I was given two extraordinary gifts this week.  Here in Chicagoland, a badger (!) was found in a suburban yard, and yesterday I rounded a curve and saw a red fox!!!  And so, hope.

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  1. It can be so disheartening at times, to see such greed and power from the corporations, and our government which seems to give them whatever they want to make more money at our country’s expense. It’s easy to give up and think there’s nothing we can do, but even changing our attitude, or speaking out, can make a huge difference.

    1. Hi Angela,

      I know, it sure can be discouraging. Recently I’ve been reading about green building ideas, and I’ve been excited to see a real blossoming of companies offering products that don’t poison us or the planet and are beautiful. Exciting!


  2. i think the most important thing is to always give voice and say THIS IS WRONG Dont let them quiet you. My story is here

  3. I think your Goldfinches in a Prairie is really nice. I hope you have it hanging in a prominent place. Did you paint it?

    Your statement…
    “But the one thing I expect my government to do, and which it has failed to do, is to protect the citizens from industries and corporations that get too powerful.”
    …is on the mark. The world is full of kind hearted and generous people wanting to do good for their families, neighbors, coworkers, and themselves. When given opportunity, we see it expressed in abundance. But, that alone is not enough when those less fortunate, sick, of minority, or whatever, are facing difficult times through life. We all need protections.

    I could go on at length. It is a big issue with me. I appreciate that you offered your feelings about it. Continue doing that. And, continue to push our leaders to wake up, see the light, and recognize that leaving everyone to fend for themselves is wrong and costly in many ways.

    1. Thank you Jim. Yes, I did paint it, and I have been enjoying it but now I must take it to the gallery that represents me in Chicago. Sigh.

      I really do find a great deal on the internet that lifts my spirits… your’s is a great voice that I am so glad to have found.

  4. Your statement “And then there are the marketers, convincing us that we need stuff” reminds me of a recent incident. One evening the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I saw a college-age guy standing there with a clipboard. I know from long experience that anyone who comes to my door carrying a clipboard wants money from me, so I told the guy that I don’t like to be solicited. The guy replied, as such people so often do, the he wasn’t selling anything, but I noticed that his shirt bore the sewn words “Renewal by Andersen,” which, if you’re not familiar with it, is a line of replacement windows for houses. The guy’s claim that he wasn’t selling anything, when he clearly was, made me angry, so I asked him why his shirt said “Renewal by Andersen.” His answer: “Because that’s the company I work for.” “Are they a non-profit?” I asked sarcastically. The guy insisted that he was only going to sign me up for an appointment, but of course he meant an appointment for someone else from his company to come and sell me windows]. The last thing I said before closing the door was: “You’re such a liar.”

    1. Hi Steve,

      Isn’t terrible, when they come right to your door and try to make you buy something? I hate that. I had to take the “Welcome” sign off my door, because once when I was chasing off a solicitor he pointed out that he wasn’t welcome! : )


      1. I used to have a No Soliciting sign by my door, but of course some of the solicitors ignored it. Maybe you can modify your sign to say “Welcome to all who don’t want something.”

      2. Haha! Good idea!


  5. Money, money, money. The government just seems to be about money, and that’s why these mega companies get what they want.

    1. Yeah. Once corruption gets into the system, I don’t know how we can ever get it out. But I think money itself isn’t the problem, it is the fearful, obsessive pursuit of it that causes problems.


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