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Watchful Crane



“We can’t go back and change our beginning, but we can begin to change our ending…everybody has a future as well as a past!” -unknown

I love this quote, because it reminds me that right now is a perfect time to roll up my sleeves and attend to the things that matter to me, so that one day the outcomes will be a good as I can hope.  Stewardship of land, for instance.  Here we are on the bank of the lovely (and very much alive) Dead River at Illinois Beach State Park.  Much work goes on here, keeping invasives under control, watching out for pollutants from upstream.  And in Wisconsin, a wonderful group called the International Crane Foundation, has returned cranes to us!  I never expected to see these wonderful birds in the wild, yet every summer, now, we get to see them lurking about in fields and hear them bugling through the skies.  Wonderful.

I feel so grateful for all the people who have come before me, working to restore ecosystems, and for the opportunity to join them.

4 thoughts on “Watchful Crane

  1. I wish you the best caring for the region around you. We visited the park years ago. I can’t even remember why. It was a nice place. I liked the distant view of the Chicago skyline.

    My father was a farmer in downstate western IL. I considered him a good steward of the land. If you weren’t, it would stop being good to you.

    Good that you have cranes back. I like that painting.

    1. Hi Jim, You were fortunate, to see the skyline from the park. I have seen it a few times from there, and it really tickles me. I’m glad you liked your visit there. I so admire farmers. You are right~ the land lets you know pretty quickly if you aren’t taking care of it! Thank you, I’m so glad you like the painting 🙂 Melissa


  2. One of my favorite memories is one day when I was feeling down I was sitting outside in Felton, Calif., the redwood forest watching a creek when a crane swooped down and landed on the banks. It was such an amazing sight, I’ll never forget it.

    1. Oh, that must have been a numinous moment!  I can just picture it.  Thank you for sharing it with me!  I sure do miss the redwoods…hope I can be back among them soon!


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