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Friends Passing Through


This is a print I had made from a painting I did some time ago.  I just came across it when digging through an old portfolio.  What a great find, just in time for the show I will be at next week.

Still, though, when I look at the image I feel a small stab of sadness.  It was painted from an image taken by a very dear friend of mine.  She is a botanist…at the time, she worked for the IDNR.  Now she has headed for the hills of California to be a botanist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  I really hated to see her go.  She was an effervescent soul, and oh! the adventures we had!  You haven’t gone canoeing until you have canoed with a botanist and an artist through a high quality wetland.  “WHAT’S THAT???”  “I dunno, let’s go see…” followed by gales of laughter as the canoe tipped precariously and what we took to be solid land turned out to be floating mats of vegetation…

The last I heard from her, she had literally taken to the hills with a set of friends, happy with just a pack on her back, eyes glinting into the distance.

Part of me, of course, would love to pick up and follow her.  That just isn’t the direction my heart wants to go, however.  My path simply goes in a different direction.  It was really hard for me to watch the thread that connected us snap.  Not through anger, only through vastly divergent paths.  Well, and I confess, it is hard to be content with my own life when my friend is off having such a huge adventurous life.  Everything I do seems small by comparison.  Still, I must trust that little voice I hear when I tune into my heart, that I am doing what is right for me to do.

Friendships, like all blessings, pass through our lives, to be deeply enjoyed.  Clinging to them when clearly it is meant for them to move on only brings sorrow.  Better to open our hands, to hold them lightly and then release them un-squashed.  And the better to hold the next blessing heading our way.

5 thoughts on “Friends Passing Through

  1. Very beautiful painting and butterfly. Friendships come in many forms. Some are hardy and strong. They can take whatever is thrown at them. Others are like that butterfly. They are delicate and need protection. The friendship with your canoe-mate is probably strong. She might even envy you in many ways for things you have, as you do her. Trust that you both will continue to grow and your friendship will be stronger.

  2. This is such a good post. We’ve probably all been in that situation and it hurts to let people go. But we have to move on with our own life’s path and so do they.

    1. Thank you Michelle, You are so right….I’m just sitting here trying to figure out which direction my life’s path should take.  Last night I was reading about San Francisco, and it seems they have a game they play there: dog or human?  ….having to do with what you find on the sidewalks.  EW.  


  3. There’s no direct connection to your post, but as a painter and a blogger you may be interested in these art apps:

    1. That is pretty cool! Thanks for letting me know about it : )


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