Birch Oasis



There is a park near my home that was designed using all native plants.  I just love it there.  One of the things I like is the wide expanse of brick, which gets pretty hot and glaring in the summer, and in contrast, the coolness of a bench tucked under a clump of birches.  For this painting I eliminated all of the background to emphasize the glare contrast with the shade.  Don’t you just want to grab a book and a coffee and settle in?

Also I wanted to share some exciting news for Melissa Blue… 2 paintings won awards in the American Art Awards Competition! Hooray!  Well.  5th and 6th place.  But still 🙂  You can see all of the winners at:



11 thoughts on “Birch Oasis”

  1. Oh yes! I could sit there and stare off into space…zoning out in my own little day dream for quite awhile. Coffee, tea, a bottle of water…with a book opened to the page I last read but, it would flop open in my hand while held my face up to the sun to feeling its warmth on my face, and only open my eyes just a little… to see the Egret take flight. Then I’d smile happily. Glad that it could take flight to follow its instincts wishing all the while I had wings to join him!

    1. You are so kind, Deborah! Thank you.
      That is exactly what happens when I try to read outside~ a bird catches my eye, and I am gone… It is so good to be human, with all of the varied experiences we get to enjoy. But, oh, to be able to lift off and soar like a bird. Wouldn’t that be grand?

  2. Deserving its own post are my warmest Congratulations on your Award! I’m so happy and thrilled for you! You are a very skilled and talented artist. I hope more recognition, and awards are in store for you.

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