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Oak Tree


I wanted to do something a little different here, maybe go for capturing the spirit of the tree or the setting, rather than just represent it.  I mean, we have cameras for that.

Thank goodness the weather broke a little here.  It is amazing how much softer the air feels at 33 degrees than it did at 12.  I’m actually going to venture OUTSIDE tomorrow morning for a workday.  We went for a walk in the woods a couple of days ago, my friend and I.  We were visiting her site which is remarkably high quality.  Crews were replacing some bridges across creeks and other fragile areas.  We were surprised to see Florida plates on the trucks.  Imagine~being sent from Florida all the way to northern Illinois to build a bridge!  They were pretty cheerful, all things considered.  Now if we could get the snowmobilers to stay on the bridge instead of running through the wetland next to it….

My big news is that I’ve found a new site to be steward of.  Yay!  The first one given to me was such high quality I was afraid to do anything to it, and it was an hour away which wasn’t practical.  My new one is more of a rolling savanna with a lot of scars that I will enjoy trying to heal.  There is a stand of pines that were planted at some point.  They don’t belong there but  they aren’t doing any harm and they make me feel like I’ve got a little bit of home here with me.  I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you,  along with new paintings of course.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas

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“Wyoming Hills”

I was so fortunate recently to receive this commission, and I couldn’t wait to share it with all of you.  Can’t you just feel the peace?  sigh.

It pleases me no end to paint something for someone, to bring their vision to reality.  What an honor.

Another project that keeps me busy is my pen and ink herbarium…here is the latest:


Carex grayii

This year I decided I would say, “yes” to life more than I had been.  For instance, if we’re going to have winter (I’m still negotiating this with God but looks like winter is here, like it or not), then by golly I’m going to buy funky dresses and wear them with thick colorful tights and high boots.  And bing!  just like that I found  the dress I was picturing at my favorite thrift shop.  Not all of you will find this interesting, but I mention it because I’ve noticed that before.  When I stop thrashing, trying to avoid a reality I don’t like, and make a simple, clear request, it often appears, and very quickly at that!  Now I find that my willingness to say “yes” is being tested, as we are being nailed with arctic blasts.  As I type this wind is howling around the corners of my wee house and I am huddled by my radiator.  And so the question…. keep saying “yes” to this reality, or find a different one?  Either way, good things are waiting for us, if we keep our eyes peeled for them.

Warm Wishes to all!