Snow, snow, snow!



I have to admit, with all this talk of global warming and several mild winters in a row, I was growing complacent here.  Not this winter, though!  We are experiencing an “arctic vortex”, a term that is causing much hilarity around here.  I prefer Arctic blast.  after blast. after blast….  Getting back to the vortex idea, though, it reminds me of what a science teacher told us one awful winter when I was in college.  He explained that a sustained low pressure forms over Chicago-land during the winter months, drawing cold and storms from surrounding areas.  “In other words,” he said, “winter sucks.”  Ha!  I hate to admit it but actually I’ve enjoyed this winter.  To help get into the spirit of it all, I recommend the book “Snow Child”.

In this painting, I’ve taken you to the frozen, snowy dunes of Illinois Beach State Park.  Do you see the little bird lurking in the background?  These little guys must eat seeds.  I see them all winter long, hopping about in the clumps of grasses.  Personal feelings aside, it is good to see all this snow.  It insulates our native flora, and will recharge our water systems.  

Me?  I’m heading to Florida… 🙂

7 thoughts on “Snow, snow, snow!”

  1. Even we down here in balmy TX have had an unusually cold winter. I love snow and winter, but it’s been so cold I’m looking forward to a week with temps in the 50’s and 60’s. Lovely painting.

    1. Hi Jim,
      Oh yes, that sure does look like home. Sometimes the weather conditions are clear enough and you can see the skyline. I think that is really fun, to be standing in a protected wild area and be able to see a vibrant city.

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