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Field of Dreams


A funny thing happened with this painting.  After studying it for a bit, my mind got busy.  Theory and bad things like that.  This is what happened:


I thought that by making the color dots larger in the foreground and adding more definite brushstrokes, it would only enhance the jewel-like look I was going for.  It is suppose to be a painting of spiderwort, but I’ve noticed that small blue flowers don’t show up well in a painting.  So I thought I’d use some pointillism, bouncing orange dots off of the blue to bring them out.  What I see is that the blue retreats to a quiet murmur and the orange dances forward gleefully.  Very nice in its way, but there aren’t any orange flowers around here like that, so…..  Now it just looks polka-dotty to me, and the colors are actually duller.  hm.

 But hey, the sun has come out for the first time in days, it’s cool again, and the birds are singing.  I think I’ll go join them 🙂

A wonderful day to you all.

8 thoughts on “Field of Dreams

  1. For what it’s worth, as I am no art critic and sometimes I don’t even feel like a photographic artist, I like the second better. In the first I see the colors as just slightly too strong where in the second they seem a bit more realistic as the overall sense is one of a misty scene. And the addition of the egret seems to be pulling my interest which is aided by the not so saturated foreground. And, of course, I am not from around there so I have no idea what color the flowers should be.
    Maybe someone else will weigh in with a more qualified assessment, but that’s mine…and I like the picture. 🙂

    1. Thank you Steve 🙂
      You are definitely an artist, and I value your insight.
      I’ve noticed that with my digital camera, capturing the colors in my paintings is trickier than it was with my old and much-loved Minolta. It is as though the digital camera sees right through the layers of paint, somehow, and doesn’t portray the blended effect. This is interesting, challenging, and a little frustrating.
      I’m so glad you like the picture.

  2. The second seems a little more exposed than the first. That makes the colors less saturated. I opened them in two tabs and quickly flipped back and forth. I like the richness of color in the first more than the second.

    Good for you for trying something different.

  3. Thanks Jim,
    I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback. I like the first one better, too, so I spent the rest of the day trying to get the richness back.

  4. I also like the first one better – the orange and blue seem more balanced to me. The darker tree trunks were also more appealing. I’m not an artist, but I think the contrast is better and brighter if the first one, if that makes any sense. Beautiful scene – would love to be there!

  5. Hi Barbara! Thanks for your input. I thought so too, so I tried to paint it back the way it was, only it got away from me. If I ever rein it in, I’ll repost it 🙂
    It is a lovely spot.

  6. I’ll have to join the majority and say I prefer the vividness of the first version. It may be more saturated than in real life, but nothing binds an artist to verisimilitude.

  7. Hello Steve,
    Yeah, nothing like artistic license 🙂

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