Blazing Star River



I wasn’t sure I’d still be posting here… Over the past week I have tried several times to upload this image and it failed every time.  Life is funny that way, isn’t it?  Sometimes you have to try just once more, sometimes you need to let it go and move on to other endeavors.  

After all that, I find I don’t have that much on my mind!  Guess I’ll sit and enjoy the thunderstorm going on outside and anticipate seeing my button bush in bloom soon.



11 thoughts on “Explorations”

  1. I am glad you persisted as this is very enjoyable, Melissa. I’ve not had problems uploading photographs to WP but have with Facebook several times. Sometimes I keep at it and other times, when my mind is feeling weak and impressionable, I take it as a sign to not post. 🙂

  2. I, too, am glad you got it to post. As Senator Ted Stevens thought, the internet tubes are too small for some things like big pretty pictures.

    That rain you are getting is some leftovers we sent you from the eastern IA region. Our gauge had 4.41″ yesterday. I’m surprised there is any left to get you wet.

  3. Many thanks for the rain! I wish we could share it with poor California. wow~4.41″. That is remarkable!
    I’m glad I could post, too. I would really miss you and my other blog friends. How dear you all are to me!

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