Come Fly With Me

Pelican Soaring

Soaring Pelican 



Pelicans have always owned a place in my heart.  Perhaps it is how unlikely they look, or the fact that they hang out in my favorite places.  For all that I love them, though, I never thought of them as graceful until one golden afternoon in Carmel by the Sea.  There I was, mesmerized by the WHUMP of the huge waves coming in, when a skein of pelicans soared in to land.  Wingtip to wingtip they floated on the air, effortlessly adjusting to air currents and each other.  

That moment lives on in my mind to this day, and inspires me.  For this painting I wanted to give the viewer that sense of soaring freely out over the limitless water.

10 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me”

  1. Oh, I really like this, Melissa. There is so much movement captured in the painting. I really like the sense of the waves and the pelican’s textured wings and tail created by your brush strokes or did you accomplish that with a knife?
    Isn’t it wonderful how sometimes a single moment of experience stays with us for a lifetime?

    1. Thank you, Steve. That means a lot~you guys set high standards. It is so good to have friends to gently nudge me to stronger effort.
      And yes, it is indeed wonderful how a single moment can stay to inspire us.

  2. Wonderful how you captured the dynamic of their flight. I love how they skim the surface. We watched some gliding along the crests of waves crashing in on the Pacific coast. The wind was diverted upward by the shape of the wave. The sets of 5 or 6 pelicans would glide in formation using the updraft, inches above the water. It looked like so much fun.

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