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My Garden Birdhouse…Or, What Dreams May Come

Birdhouse in My Garden

Do you remember that movie, “What Dreams May Come”?  It affected me deeply, especially the part where the people fell into the painting.  Today, if I could, I would jump into this one.  I don’t really have pink roses growing there~ too much shade.  But that’s the fun of having a paintbrush! 🙂

13 thoughts on “My Garden Birdhouse…Or, What Dreams May Come

  1. The colors are very soothing, of course, the bird house is very symbolic for me.

    1. Hi Maria,
      it is for me as well. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

  2. I never saw that one. Sounds intriguing. We started watching the Twilight Zone series on Netflix. The 4th episode was about a former movie star who couldn’t leave her past behind. One day, she moved herself into one her old movies and interacted with the people in the real world through the screen.

    I hope you don’t leap into your paintings for real, only in your mind. 🙂

    1. I remember that one! My daughter and I like to watch those.
      No worries, Jim, I’m happy with the real world 🙂

  3. I never saw the movie either. But I have seen your painting and I like it. 🙂
    It is indeed an advantage that a painter has over a photographer. You get to add things where we are always trying to subtract.

    1. Of course, many times it would be better if a painter would subtract as well! 🙂

  4. The colours here remind me strongly of a painting I own. It is simply hydrangeas, lots of blue and pink Hydrangea macrophylla ( I think ). It was a gift from a painter called Ruby. She had one hanging in her home and I asked if she would sell it to me. She wouldn’t. Months later her husband presented me with a very similar painting she had done especially for me. No charge! She had heard why I wanted it and wrote me a lovely note explaining why she couldn’t sell the original. I attached the note to the back of the painting so thatnif anybody sees it after I am gone then tney will understand her kindness. Your picture is beautiful. Adding the roses was a wonderful touch.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew.
      It’s funny how flowers affect us, isn’t it? When I was a child I would get to spend time with my grandmother in northern California, where Hydrangeas bloomed enthusiastically in front of every house. Reading your story reminded me in turn of those flowers, and how much I love them too.

      1. Hydrangeas were my mother’s favourites and that is why I wanted the painting. Ruby was incredibly kind to paint them for me.

      2. I’m so glad she did.

  5. Melissa – I have not seen that movie – but the idea sounds interesting. The painting is quite lovely and having an imagination and a paint brush to paint the scene to your dreams is a gift – thank you for sharing.

    1. My pleasure, Kim~thank you for your visits and encouragement 🙂

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