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Melissa Blue Fine Art Gallery

hallway signYou might be wondering where I’ve been…I’ve been here! My gallery is located in a lovely building which has been linked to the neighboring building with an airy atrium. This forms a friendly little community where there is lots of energy.

corner of galleryHere you can see inside the gallery, looking out into the street. Farmer’s Market takes place right outside my windows on Wednesday afternoons through the summer~pretty great.

easel in galleryThe other front corner of my space, where I work. You may notice a duplication. You aren’t seeing double~a collector asked me to paint a copy of one of my paintings, only larger.

Spirits Rise IIAnd this is what I’ve been working on. It is the last of a series of commissions that have kept me busy for a few months. I’ve enjoyed the work but am happy to be getting back to my own ideas that keep swirling around in my mind, sometimes keeping me up at night. Thank you for visiting my gallery 🙂