McDonald Woods



A little over a year ago my daughter and I went exploring in a different forest preserve than our usual haunts. Illinois can be a bit flat, but here we found a lovely ravine with a bit of a stream meandering along at the bottom. The air was soft and still, and golden leaves drifted quietly down. Everything seemed to glow.

53 thoughts on “McDonald Woods”

  1. Lovely! My first thought…”Stairway to Heaven”. I love the figure at the top of the walkway and the wonderful dreamy atmosphere in the canopy, and the brilliant fall foliage lining the walkway.

    If I make it to Heaven I hope it’s along a path/walkway like this one.

  2. Wow, Deborah, your kind words are going to have me glowing for a long time! Thank you so much. I don’t think you need doubt making it to heaven, and not just because of what you said about my painting! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. There’s so much to like here: the sinuous tree trunks, the boardwalk leading both out and up, the unusual palette that seems to combine the colors of autumn and spring. Looking at it, I have the same feeling I had on so many forest roads and paths in Arkansas, where I wanted to keep going and going and going.

  4. Now that’s the way autumn should be. What popped into my head was “Follow the yellow brick road,” even if the yellow comes from the surrounding fall foliage and the ‘bricks’ are planks.

    1. Woods often strike people that way. I am a child of deep woods, so I feel most at home in the midst of trees. Here in prairie/savanna country, many of my friends feel quite claustrophobic if the trees are too dense.Others, like me, feel quite exposed under the wide prairie sky.

      1. Tonight we will for the first time, Melissa. The high only got to about 22ยฐ today and it is supposed to hit zero over night with strong wind gusts. Bentley and I just went for a short walk. He was running to get back in the house…which is funny since I was just walking. It’s almost like he’s running in place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Aw. So good to have a companion out there. I guess we’re going to be a bit warmer, but get dumped on. And then cold again. So I’m guessing that is a “No” on global warming bringing us milder winters. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  6. There is such positive energy in this – it’s just bursting with that light, expectant feeling that something good is up ahead. What an antidote to a lot of darkness in the world.

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