Big Bluestem at Illinois Beach State Park

I meant to be painting snow, but when I was glancing through some photos I took in the fall I was struck anew by the play of colors and texture along this stretch of trail. Late afternoon sunlight was slanting through, picking out the stems of this this fine tall grass.  Besides, we’ve hardly had any snow this year, and I don’t want to tempt fate!

20 thoughts on “Big Bluestem at Illinois Beach State Park”

    1. Thanks Maria! 🙂 I’ve had my daughter painting in the studio along with me and I noticed that she was gravitating toward a color I don’t typically use, so naturally I had to give it a try. It is a shade of purple that gave the grasses a lovely warm wash of color. Definitely one to add to the palette.

  1. You’ve captured the “turkey foot” beautifully. It always surprises me how the grasses change with the light. I’d say there was a particularly beautiful light shining on these.

  2. You’ve caught great colors in a great grass. I wish I could’ve seen that at Illinois Beach State Park, but then I’m sure I was happier with the temperature there in June that I would be now in winter.

  3. Although we are enjoying a mild winter here, I’m sure you wouldn’t be happy here either. I frequently wish I could be elsewhere~on the coast to watch whales, In England to soak up the wonderful old gardens, in Texas to visit friends 🙂

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