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Lakeside Daisy


“Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone.”

                                                                                                              ~Dame Edith Cavell


21 thoughts on “Peace

  1. An amazing woman, and a lovely illustration of peace. 🙂

  2. Indeed. What a lovely painting. Thank you for it. Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you Jim. Happy Easter.

  3. Happy Easter colors.

    PBS ran a six-hour series this week about World War I. It didn’t mention Edith Cavell, but I just found this article that makes a new claim about her:

    1. Such courage she showed.

  4. literally brought a smile to my face! Thank you! Happy Spring!

    1. I am so pleased! Thank you.

  5. This is so cheerful! I love the way the bloom takes up most the canvas.

    1. Thanks Deborah! I was channeling my inner Georgia 🙂

  6. Purple and yellow is one of my favorite combinations, and you’ve put it to use here beautifully. Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you and Happy Easter!

  7. thoughtful and beautiful words and painting

    1. Thank you, Eddie.

  8. I appreciate that, Eddie. Thank you.

  9. Very nice 😍

    1. Thank you. I’ve liked what I read of your blog very much.

  10. Beautiful! So bright and cheery as I continue to wait for springtime!

  11. Thanks Gunta! I’m sending you warm thoughts!

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