Linda’s Bird

Linda's Bird

Some years ago I wanted to learn about plants, since I skipped botany in college. So I signed up for a local flora class over at my local junior college. The class was a delight, taught by a botanist of note in our area. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Linda before~she has been studying the sedges of 3 states (that I know of) and writing excellent guides to them. She moves fast for a botanist, so we have to grab lunches pretty quick, but we’ve been dear friends ever since that class. This painting is for her. I kept it sketchy, to suggest a bird about to flit to the next thing…just like Linda!

23 thoughts on “Linda’s Bird”

  1. Really captures that about-to-take-off look. Botany? I should follow suit, I’ve been promising myself a botany class at the New England Wildflower Society for a while.

  2. Cheeky little thing, and very appealing. It reminds me of a titmouse, which always has been one of my favorite birds. I like the peachy tones in the background, too. They complement the blue-ness of the bird very nicely.

  3. We love when the titmice visit our feeder…not recently though as we take them down when the bears are about. This is such a sweet and lovely painting. Not at all sketchy. 😉

      1. People around here don’t think about them enough and leave feeders and other food sources out which attracts them. Unfortunately, that leads to unhappy encounters and some bear deaths as a result. Move into bear territory and destroy their habitat then destroy them because you caused them to come looking for food. Very unfair.
        And, speaking of bears…a favorite song. 🙂

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