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Weaving of Colors

When I saw this stand of fresh-faced spiderwort growing at Illinois Beach State Park this spring, I thought, oooh, a pattern of color! I used a background of orange behind the colors to make them pop, with a bit of yellow washed over here and there.

Spiderwort Nation

19 thoughts on “Weaving of Colors

  1. Ooooh, the background looks like it’s Golden Hour and these beautiful flowers do “pop”! Beautifully done Melissa.

  2. really nice!! a bit like a Japanese screen.

  3. Wow! Your painting looks and feels beautiful. I’ve only ever seen these flowers as one or two stems in someone’s garden. Am now dreaming of seeing a stand of them some day… šŸ™‚

  4. Color combination is stunning.

    1. Hey Kim! šŸ™‚ Isn’t color just delicious?

  5. Fresh, colorful, and beautiful.

  6. Absolutely stunning! LOVE the colors.

  7. A beautiful, flowing combination of colours.

    1. Thank you so much, Pete. Your kind words warm me on this brisk morning!

  8. Nice work. You’ve got a strong diagonal there from lower left to upper right, along with lesser ones going the other way.

    Does the yellow/orange represent anything in nature, or is the color purely an artistic creation?

  9. Thank you Steve. You saw the diagonal~I’m glad. I didn’t want to use too heavy of a hand with that but did want it for movement.

    Good question about the yellow/orange. No, that is purely an artist thing…as you know I’ve been wanting to move away from merely recording what I see. Craftsmanship is good, but I wanted to become more expressive and creative in my work. I wrestled with it for years, though, feeling that by using colors that aren’t there I was betraying the natural world. There are so many fine photographers out there now that I needn’t fear that what’s real won’t be represented, and I’ve been reaching deep to find my more authentic voice.

    1. Reaching deep artistically is a kind of going underground you won’t mind at all. Go for it!

      1. Thanks Steve! Still kinda scary but definitely more my flavor of spelunking.

  10. A lovely tapestry of colour.

    1. Thank you! šŸ™‚

  11. Ok, I know I say this a lot, but this is my all time favorite. The colors are so soft, yet brilliant; dreamy yet realistic. I just love it!!! This painting feels happy, and brings me joy just looking at it. Thank you!

    1. Oh Mary, you really made my day with this lovely comment. Thank you! Peace to you.

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