19 thoughts on “Weaving of Colors”

  1. Nice work. You’ve got a strong diagonal there from lower left to upper right, along with lesser ones going the other way.

    Does the yellow/orange represent anything in nature, or is the color purely an artistic creation?

  2. Thank you Steve. You saw the diagonal~I’m glad. I didn’t want to use too heavy of a hand with that but did want it for movement.

    Good question about the yellow/orange. No, that is purely an artist thing…as you know I’ve been wanting to move away from merely recording what I see. Craftsmanship is good, but I wanted to become more expressive and creative in my work. I wrestled with it for years, though, feeling that by using colors that aren’t there I was betraying the natural world. There are so many fine photographers out there now that I needn’t fear that what’s real won’t be represented, and I’ve been reaching deep to find my more authentic voice.

  3. Ok, I know I say this a lot, but this is my all time favorite. The colors are so soft, yet brilliant; dreamy yet realistic. I just love it!!! This painting feels happy, and brings me joy just looking at it. Thank you!

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