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In Synch

Not that long ago…was it two summers ago? I watched the summer olympics and dreamt of being on a horse once again. I was quite taken with the eventing, and the fact that some of the riders were in their 50’s and beyond. “Maybe I can do that!” I thought to myself. (Hah!) But then the commentators would mention how this or that rider had suffered a fractured spine and had somehow come back to compete.  My arthritic joints spoke up at this point and said, “Um, no.”

My riding days are behind me, but I can still indulge my abiding love for horses by occasionally letting them canter onto a canvas. They are very often present in my thoughts and it is fun to let them out once in awhile. This one, and his rider, trotted right out of my imagination so that will account for any awkward proportions. I hope you like my fiery steed! What lurks in your heart of hearts?

26 thoughts on “In Synch

  1. Hang gliding.

  2. Cool! Have you ever done it?

  3. I don’t see any awkwardness, it’s great, looks like a girl having the time of her life! 🙂
    To everyone who knows me, pretty quiet most of the time, it was a great surprise that I enjoyed acting, while in college, and some time, I’ll try it again.

    1. Thank you Robert!
      It is wonderful to discover a hidden side to yourself, isn’t it? I love that you enjoyed acting. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to do it again soon. You’ll have to share the experience with us!

  4. She looks so happy and the horse does too. It looks like a Cleveland Bay. They’re so sleek, strong, beautiful, and graceful looking.
    #1 Grandson went through a “I love horses, and have to have one!” phase very early in life, so we learned all about them and the different breeds, and have a few books in our home Library about them now too.

    I’m just this close to pushing the “book” button on a photography workshop/tour of the wild mustangs which would require a lot of time in the saddle. My back isn’t as strong as it once was, but I think I’d pack lots of Tylenol and go! I just need He-Man’s blessing and I’m booking it for 2018.

    1. Oh, Deborah, that sounds so exciting! Have you pressed the”book” button yet? I hope you get to go. The photos you take will be amazing.

      1. I did press the book button! Now to agonize and plan for the next 8 months how I’m going to get all I think I need to meet the 40 pound dunnage limit, and 3 pound limit while in the saddle!

        Do you have a pair of favorite muck boots that you can ride, and walk in?

      2. Hooray! I’m excited for you. It will be challenging to stay within the pound limit, won’t it? The camera equipment alone could put you over.
        It’s funny you should ask about the boots. I do indeed have a pair of boots I love for all that, and they are actually Muck brand boots. I’ve hiked in them and delighted in their comfortable water-proof- ness, and there is a slight heel so I think they would work well for riding.

      3. Do you know what your boots name is? Or have a link to them so I can see what you mean?

        Taking two pairs of shoes one for on the trail and one for camp is all I’m allowed.
        My gear will be half the weight or more I’m sure, but I’m only taking two lenses. A light-weight wide angle prime, and my telephoto lens for the wildlife and horses. That’s where the weight will be that lens. I won’t take much in accessories either-just the most basic items that are required to operate my camera, and three filters.

        I have a good friend who just got back from a 3 week African Safari who had severe weight limitations whom I’m planning to reach out to for packing and clothing thoughts.

      4. the muck boots I bought are for snow as well as water, so they are thickly insulated. I believe there are excellent ones for summer. The foot bed will be the same, and it is very like a sneaker in comfort, although they might run a hair small so order early in case you need to return them for another pair.

  5. Oh, I love the joy shining out of this one! The previous comment mentioned going on a tour for wild mustangs. It reminded me of a time we camped in the desert and woke up to a small herd of beauties checking us out. My favorite memory of riding is one some friends and I took on the beach here.

    1. Thank you Gunta! I love the two memories you shared. Wow! To wake up to a herd of wild horses would be simply amazing. My grandmother used to tell of riding horses along the beach in northern Ca. I guess they used to rent them. That must have been glorious.

  6. This is charming; there’s such a glow of joy in both rider and horse.

  7. Thank you~that is just what I wanted to convey!

  8. That’s a clever and syllabically alliterative phrase: “canter onto a canvas.”

    My imagination turned the yellow foliage to the left of the horse’s head into a steaming breath, even though the painting as a whole isn’t at all wintery.

    Others have mentioned the joy in the picture, which was my first reaction as well.

  9. When I was painting in the background I was just swooshing in color, and I thought that swoosh looked like steam too so I left it. I’m happy that your reaction was of joy coming through.

    1. Is swooshing more fun than swishing or whooshing?

      1. Absolutely. You haven’t lived until you have swooshed.

  10. I have friends in Montana who have Friesians, and she participates in dressage. I thought of her immediately when I saw your painting. Despite the difference in horse color, and the differently-clad rider, the same elegance permeates your canvas. It seems as though your horse and rider are as perfectly in tune as any dressage riders — I suspect it’s that easy relationship that allows the joy to shine through.

    After visiting the tallgrass prairie, and hearing older peoples’ tales of riding through grasses as tall as a man on horseback, it occurred to me that, just as a boat is a fine way to experience the ocean, being on horseback may be one of the best ways to experience the prairies. I’ve never been a rider, but I have a friend I work with from time to time who has horses, and who’s willing to teach me to ride. There’s a ranch in Chase County Kansas that offers an assortment of opportunities, from Flint Hills trail rides to experiencing the prairie burns, and believe me… I’m thinking…

    1. Oh, wow….That would be a memorable experience for sure. I’ve seen photos of ranchers sitting their horses quietly as they watch fire sweep their land. It amazed me that they were able to acclimate their horses to the fire so they would stand calmly in the face of it.
      Freisians are gorgeous creatures, aren’t they? Your lucky friend. As usual, you nailed exactly what I wanted to express here~ that moment when rider and horse are perfectly in tune with each other. When I rode, those moments were rare but oh so sweet.

  11. The horse is beautiful, fluid lines, lovely warm colors and blue accents. I’ve never ridden a horse, but I love to be around them.

  12. Thank you Tom. I love to be around them too.

  13. Seems like you switched your WordPress theme.

    1. Also, I noticed the Home and About buttons are crossed.

      1. Sigh. The idea was to upgrade the site so ads wouldn’t appear and so I could customize it. However, all they did was add a new site, so when I try to add features on my main blog half the time they appear on the new one which I don’t use and didn’t want.

      2. Thanks for letting me know. This has been kinda frustrating but I imagine I’ll get it sorted out. Melissa Melissa Pierson

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