A New Year, A New Studio



You may have been wondering where I have been, so I thought it was high time to check in. Back in December, I realized it was time to start breaking down the gallery. I’m not sad~it would have been sad not to try it and now I’ve satisfied that wish. But that means all that stuff had to go somewhere! Since my family no longer uses the dining room, that was elected. The walls were formerly a dark, cold teal-ish color and I dreamed of a soft, pale pink. I was longing for a feminine space that would welcome me when I entered it. There are a lot of bookcases in there, so it was no easy task to move everything and paint the walls but it is done. I’m nearly out of the gallery completely, and now, as you can see, I’ve got some work to do organizing my new space. Can’t wait! But first, there has been a tidal wave of exhibit opportunities. First I was contacted by a nature center near here that wanted all of my nature paintings for two months. Yay! 29 paintings went there. If they don’t all sell I may have to have a fire sale because, as you can see, there isn’t room for them here. Three more opportunities followed and now every single painting is somewhere. That has never happened before and I’m so excited. Organizing that and the receptions has taken up all of my time. January is zipping by but I think I see daylight.

Many people tell me they’d like to watch me paint, so before all the madness started I asked a friend to video me at my easel. Now I’d like to add music and figure out how to get it onto my computer,  so hopefully soon I’ll be able to share that.

Thank you all for showing interest. It is so humbling to be working away and suddenly realize that others are taking notice. I’m really grateful for all of you!

studio wallHere’s to a wonderful new year for us all. …..And pink walls 🙂

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  1. Congrats on showing 29 pieces all at one site — sounds like the folks at the nature center kind of like your paintings! And since I grew up in The Havoc House of Bedlam, your level of chaos doesn’t look very bad at all! 🙂 Looks like a very pleasant workspace. Best wishes for 2018!!

  2. As a non-artist I always thought light was a critical factor so if your home has good light and a positive ambiance then surely it will be a wonderful creative oasis. It seems you are getting a really good reception now and long may it continue. Best wishes for 2018 and all the inspiration it may bring you.

  3. Melissa, it is so thrilling to watch and read about all the changes and opportunities that are yours. Pink walls too, I get wanting a space that feels right for you. I’m looking forward to seeing the video – that will be fun to see you at work. I hope things continue to fall into place for you as the year progresses. xo kim

  4. You would have loved my childhood bedroom. There were pink walls there, too, complemented by a white bedspread embroidered by my grandmother with pink flowers. Today, my color taste has changed, but I understand completely the power of being surrounded by the “right” colors, and I’ve no doubt that you’ll flourish in your new space.

    Just this morning, I happened across this post by a bird photographer I follow. It reminded me of your artist’s statement; the two of you certainly are kindred spirits.

  5. Your childhood room sounds like it was lovely, especially the bedspread. My color taste has changed as well~I wasn’t ever much of a fan of pink before. That’s funny how that works, isn’t it?
    I thoroughly enjoyed the link you sent. A kindred spirit indeed!

  6. Melissa, I really enjoy your passion for art and nature. It comes across strongly in both your painting and your words. How is the studio coming along? I’m also looking forward to seeing you paint when you get the video onto your PC. Being around other creative people, helps me be creative too.

    1. Sharing creativity with each other gives us all a lift, doesn’t it? I’ve been surprised how enriching it is to have a blog. Thank you so much for your encouragement. The new studio is coming along. It is a bit tight so I’m working out solutions for where to put large canvases. Today new windows are going in. It will be chaos and bitter cold for a couple of days, but then it will be so much warmer.

  7. Wow! So many exciting events! Wonderful to think that all your paintings are hanging on a wall somewhere. And glad that your new studio will be bright, warm and pink :-). Looking forward to your painting video!

    1. Thanks! The paintings are all going to come home to roost at the end of February but I think I have a storage system that will work so I’m not panicking anymore. Plus I’m going to be donating some to charities so that will thin the herd a bit.

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