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Dragonfly Lair

Dragonfly LairDragonfly Lair

As you know, one of my favorite places to be is Volo Bog. Here, the Arrowhead has gone to seed. It is a hot day toward the end of summer and if you walk quietly you’ll see the dragonflies lurking. Thanks to them, the mosquitoes and biting flies are rarely a problem there as they are elsewhere. I chose a slightly different set of colors for this painting, relying much more on blues and greens. A wash of red across the background yielded some nice soft colors I really like. I wanted this painting to have a bit of an abstract feel but still convey a hot day at the bog.

By the way, I was at the bog again yesterday with my daughter and we saw THIS lurking in the water:



YIKES!! Pretty cool, though. It is a water snake. I thought it was an eastern water snake but I think when we looked it up it was a northern water snake. I believe it has its head hiding under the mat of vegetation there. Because that way we couldn’t see it, right?

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Eagle River

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This one is for my son. He fell in love with Eagle River Wisconsin several years ago, and when he took me there last summer, I could see why. The place is dripping with North Woods magic. The air is crisp and clean and smells of pine. The pace is slow. People are few. We found several trails that led off into deep woods. It felt wonderful and I never wanted to leave. Of course, then winter comes. I whine about winter here, and we run a good 20 degrees warmer! I can’t even wrap my mind around how cold it gets, or how deep the snow gets. ┬áSo, it isn’t for me. I am forever grateful I got to take that vacation with him, to see it, though. Isn’t it pretty?