Eagle River

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This one is for my son. He fell in love with Eagle River Wisconsin several years ago, and when he took me there last summer, I could see why. The place is dripping with North Woods magic. The air is crisp and clean and smells of pine. The pace is slow. People are few. We found several trails that led off into deep woods. It felt wonderful and I never wanted to leave. Of course, then winter comes. I whine about winter here, and we run a good 20 degrees warmer! I can’t even wrap my mind around how cold it gets, or how deep the snow gets.  So, it isn’t for me. I am forever grateful I got to take that vacation with him, to see it, though. Isn’t it pretty?

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  1. I remember this place from my childhood. We went there one summer for ‘vacation’.
    A most unforgettable place. Your artwork and post does it fine justice Melissa

  2. Lovely scene. I’ve never been that far north in WI. My favorite river memory from that state is finding Monarch roosts on the banks of the Black River in La Crosse.

    1. Sadly, not for me either although I have considered it because if my son does move there, he’ll be so far away. 🙁 He did just go to Oregon, though, and he loved that too. I could totally do Oregon!

  3. It’s a beautiful scene, and looks like a nice place to canoe. It reminds me a bit of Maine, but I see on a map that it’s even farther north. I guess the canoe should be the kind you can convert to an iceboat, so you get more use out of it.

    1. Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier, Robert. I always think of Maine as being so far north, but you’re right. Are winters in Maine as cruel? I imagine they are. You’re right, a boat that could skim across the ice would definitely come in handy and might be enough fun to make the cold tolerable. Or not.

      1. I have a cousin who lives in Maine not too far from Portsmouth New Hampshire, she grew up in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, but I think she’s finding the winters in Maine to be harder

      2. Maine is beautiful, and huge sections of it, away from the coast, are pretty empty. I don’t mind cold temperatures that much, but their blackfly season can be truly horrible. You can put on layers of repellent, until it looks like you’re shellacked, and they’ll still bite.

  4. It looks idyllic. I’m not a big fan of bitterly cold weather so I’d also be a summer visitor. Savour the time before your son has flown the nest.

  5. Honestly, Andrew, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Not only does it get brutally cold in winter, though, but it is populated by gun-toting conservatives who think Trump is wonderful. Definitely not the place for me. Jim doesn’t mind because he keeps his head down and his thoughts to himself but even he is a bit concerned. You are absolutely right about savouring time with my son. Every moment is a gift. You just had a daughter get married not long ago, didn’t you?

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