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Grant Woods Stream

Grant Woods StreamIt is such a lift to the spirits to come across a stream in the woods, isn’t it? Grant Woods is home to a remarkable range of habitats, all carefully restored by the stewards and volunteers. This little patch of woodland plays host to a population of cardinal flower. I am always amazed by these ruby gems glowing in the shadowy wet ground along here.

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20180702_080027This little plant is called Cardamine bulbosa, and it likes to have its feet wet. As it happens, so do I, so we run into each other a lot. I quite like how it tosses its little bells out there like its having a party, and that inspired how I approached its portrait. I’ve been saying for quite some time that I yearn for the freedom of extraction, and so for this one I just turned my brush loose. I wanted to let the colors romp about and talk to each other, and then superimpose the flower. The fun part of this is you have no idea how the painting will ultimately look. You just keep playing and looking until you are pleased with it.

As I was gazing at it, thinking of what I wanted to say about it, I realized it reminded me of those fireworks that explode in a white starburst. Perfect! Happy Birthday, America!

…Now, if you’ll excuse me, my little dog, who also likes to have his feet wet, needs a bath…