20180702_080027This little plant is called Cardamine bulbosa, and it likes to have its feet wet. As it happens, so do I, so we run into each other a lot. I quite like how it tosses its little bells out there like its having a party, and that inspired how I approached its portrait. I’ve been saying for quite some time that I yearn for the freedom of extraction, and so for this one I just turned my brush loose. I wanted to let the colors romp about and talk to each other, and then superimpose the flower. The fun part of this is you have no idea how the painting will ultimately look. You just keep playing and looking until you are pleased with it.

As I was gazing at it, thinking of what I wanted to say about it, I realized it reminded me of those fireworks that explode in a white starburst. Perfect! Happy Birthday, America!

…Now, if you’ll excuse me, my little dog, who also likes to have his feet wet, needs a bath…

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  1. Our town had scheduled its fireworks for the evening of July 3rd, and it rained buckets — four inches in an hour at one point. And then, it kept raining, so most of the fireworks shows for the 4th were cancelled or done differently. There was so much flooding in Houston they set off the fireworks, but without an audience. People watched them on tv.

    Which is to say — it’s nice to have your fireworks to enjoy! When I read the name of the flower, I first read Carmina Burana rather than Cardamine bulbosa. It’s not completely inappropriate, since one of the pieces in Carmina Burana is called “The Joyous Face of Spring,” and you certainly have shown that in your painting.

    1. Oh my~I love that!
      I’m sorry to hear that all of your fireworks were flooded out. Things have been pretty soggy around here as well. Are you drying out?

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