Grant Woods Stream

Grant Woods StreamIt is such a lift to the spirits to come across a stream in the woods, isn’t it? Grant Woods is home to a remarkable range of habitats, all carefully restored by the stewards and volunteers. This little patch of woodland plays host to a population of cardinal flower. I am always amazed by these ruby gems glowing in the shadowy wet ground along here.

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    1. Hi Neil,
      Thank you so much! Right~as I was typing it I wondered if the title would cause confusion.

  1. This positively glows with beauty Melissa. As children we played by a brook in a wood and there is nothing quite like it. Yours is especially good. So much to see and explore. It seems to go on for ever, the colours brightening in he distance. I would want to lift the stones in the water and see what lives underneath. Just like I did 50 years ago.

    1. Thank you so much, Andrew. I’m delighted that this painting triggers happy memories of playing in a magic place. I did the same, peering under rocks and logs and gazing (and splashing) in the cool water.

    1. THank you! The contrast of looking through the cool shadows to the brightly lit field beyond is a large part of what drew me to this scene.

  2. Pretty stream scene. I love cardinal flower, I don’t get to see them often enough. I wondered if the title was a reference to the painter as well…

    1. Thank you Tom. I love cardinal flower too. Some years they seem to go dormant, although all of the lobelias I have experience with seem to have very short-lived colonies.
      No connection to Grant Woods the painter. I did wonder if it would strike readers that way. Grant Woods is the name of the forest preserve where this stream is.

      1. Yes, I understood when I read your post that there was no connection with the painter. As I return to look at your painting, the colors are lovely, so is the light in the background, it shines.

    1. Thank you so much, Gunta! It is so nice of you to say. It is hard for me to tell whether my work is evolving at all.

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